How to Kick Insomnia For Good– (and What Happened When I Didn’t)

How to Kick Insomnia For Good– (and What Happened When I Didn’t)

It’s time that we learn how to kick insomnia.

Do you know what you are doing to your body and brain when you don’t practice good sleep hygiene?

Let me weave you a tale.

Insomnia Special: It’s Tuesday night and I was going on my 60th hour of zero sleep.

I mean—-ZER-O. I was hysterical, anxious, and starting to hallucinate from exhaustion. Seriously, HALLUCINATING. I’ve never hallucinated before. Terror struck as this kind of hallucination made me call out to my boyfriend, telling him that there were strangers on our deck, only make him look outside to find nothing and no-one. I was hysterically terrified. After another 5 hours of panic attack, my body finally shut down.

The rest of the week I was emotional, volatile, angry, and exhausted. I didn’t mean to stay awake on purpose. But I didn’t pursue sleep either. After this horrible experience, and a long lecture from my man, I decided to get serious about getting good sleep on a regular basis.

Turns out insomnia really breaks people.

Did you know that sleep deprivation has been used in P.O.W. torture methods? I just read that today, and didn’t bat an eyelash. Sleep is well-known as the foundation to our sanity and overall health, so why do we treat it with such flippancy? I know that for me, i just accepted that I was ” A Night Owl”, and there wasn’t anything abnormal about my sleeping patterns. Obviously, my opinion changed once I had a full-fledged mental breakdown.

After a couple months, I’m proud to say that falling asleep is no longer a struggle. My solution was found in a pretty purple miracle.

I stumbled desperately into GNC and  was immediately recommended Orb Sleep Complex .

( Check it out via Amazon for 10$ off, here.)

Orb is a purple time-release capsule made up of 5-HTP (a serotonin precursor), Melatonin (What your brain produces when its time to sleep as the sun goes down), and Valerian Root ( a killer natural anti-anxiety aid), I’ve taken all three of the components independently and experienced minor success. Turns out when all three are taken together, angels sing. I took one capsule that night and passed the hell out. I woke up the next morning in a puddle of my own drool, feeling like I had already had my morning coffee. It was the best sleep of my life. I went to bed early every night that week.

I started investing in my health. I started turning off my iPhone before my night-time ritual. Stretching in the shower. Cutting out alcohol right before bed. Within two weeks, I was waking up rested at 6am motivated to tackle my day.

I have since been able to pull myself out of a year-long depression. I wish I had started this journey to fix my insomnia earlier.

Have you tried Orb Sleep Complex? What is your go-to insomnia fix? Please share by commenting below!


How I’m Training Myself to Develop Self-Discipline 

Self-Displine Training Starts When You Tell Yourself No–and Stick To It.

I’m staring at this empty plate that I devoured in less than 30 seconds.

Can I say no to a second plate ?This gain of self control, no matter how small, will transfer into the rest of my life. 

I’m starting a 7-day self-discipline challenge to see how many times I am able to delay my own gratification so that I can develop enough self-control to master other daunting challenges.

I want to be able to be that girl who runs every day.

I want to be the girl who actually gets out of bed before 2 pm.

Here’s self-discipline success #1: No round #2 of Kung Pao.

It may be a little success, but I’ll take the win!

How to Hustle

How to Hustle

A wake-up call to all my girls who always say they will, but don’t.

It’s Friday night and your friend group is tearing up the iMessage group chat, as usual. Your phone enthusiastically chimes every .5 seconds, as your girls exchange suggestions for tonight’s itinerary. You groan. You are still broke from last Friday–and frankly, still hungover. You pull yourself up to peek inside the hell-hole you call a closet.

I don’t have anything to wear.

I shouldn’t spend money.

Your eyes land on a crumpled inside-out romper that could MAYBE pass as clean. You let out a sigh of defeat, and promise yourself for the 5th weekend in a row, that NEXT weekend you’ll stay in. Your own self-dialogue suppresses any lingering feelings of irresponsibility, as you tell your friends to ‘count you in’.

Rinse. Repeat.

Now WAIT–before you freak out on me, please know that I’m not trying to condemn girls-who-club or call anyone irresponsible for ‘letting it all hang out’ on a Friday night. I’m only providing a singular example of a cycle of which most of us are familiar with, especially me.

I moved to downtown Sacramento, on a whim when i turned 22. I spent $900 in rent and then what was left of my check every weekend. I went to work, just to go out. I didn’t get out of the cycle by choice–I went broke, my car was towed, my credit–RUINED. I had earned no life-skills. I wasted my money. I moved back home; tail between my legs. The embarrassing part is that i would vow every Monday to my co-workers that I was swearing off my bad habit. Every fucking Monday.

After a couple years of struggling through repairing my finances, mental health, and self-worth, I have started to examine where I went wrong. And here’s the kicker, I can still see the same pattern flickering throughout the shadows of my routine, even today.

Heres another cringe-worthy example.

How many GODDAMN times have we valiantly joined a gym, cheered ourselves on as we pulled into the parking lot, only to come up with an excuse like “I forgot my earphones” and drive home without burning a single calorie. Annoying, isn’t it? Unfortunately, this behavior will never change until you change it. How? Well, i’m gonna tell you, hold on a second–jesus.

It all circles back to our Self-Discipline.

It’s your drive to follow through when you don’t feel like it. Can’t deal? Feeling hopeless yet? DONT. As much as you feel trapped in by your own lack of willpower, you are 100% free. All you have to do is retrain your mind to expect delayed-gratification, instead of contributing to the dopamine-soaked-instant-gratification that has your willpower in a vice. It might sound like a lot of work, however, just one action of self-discipline, no matter how insignificant, is a transferable point towards your discipline as a whole.

Can you commit to a small action a day? Mine for example, is working on this blog every day, no matter what. This small action works out your willpower, similar to working out a muscle. With each seemingly small workout, your will power grows stronger and then lends itself to other areas of your life where the sudden appearance of discipline would otherwise seem unlikely.

Therefore, every time we delay gratification by acting against our mind’s addiction to quit, we take a step toward becoming self-disciplined as a whole.

Can you imagine a life where you didn’t have to talk yourself into the gym, only to become discouraged before you leave the house? Where would you be if you always followed-through what you committed to? 20 pounds lighter? Graduating with your Master’s Degree? Buying your first home?

I challenge you to start today. Make your bed. Keep a diary. Make any small commitment and keep it, no matter how inconvenient it will become. Your mind is the only thing working against you and it has thus far fooled you into believing that the feeling of quitting now feels better than the results of a long-term effort in self-discipline.

What could you accomplish if you weren’t in your own way?

Get this money, girl.

Get This Money.

Get This Money.

How. The. FUCK. are. these. bitches. making money. from bed. on a BLOG.

I wanna know. I want to make cute sponsored posts wearing the new KJ Lip Kit. I want to post creative etherial how-to’s to make all these girls repost my shit on Pinterest. I want to look at my bank account and not see -242.51 in my Checking Account and stay in bed all day. How are they doing it? I have no clue–but im going to find out…

Stay with me as I learn (in real-time) how to make money creating a blog by being a bad ass bitch who gets her grind on and then spills all her secrets to inspire her fellow females.


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