How I’m Training Myself to Develop Self-Discipline¬†

Self-Displine Training Starts When You Tell Yourself No–and Stick To It.

I’m staring at this empty plate that I devoured in less than 30 seconds.

Can I say no to a second plate ?This gain of self control, no matter how small, will transfer into the rest of my life. 

I’m starting a 7-day self-discipline challenge to see how many times I am able to delay my own gratification so that I can develop enough self-control to master other daunting challenges.

I want to be able to be that girl who runs every day.

I want to be the girl who actually gets out of bed before 2 pm.

Here’s self-discipline success #1: No round #2 of Kung Pao.

It may be a little success, but I’ll take the win!